Thoughts are things!!

” My life sucks!”
” Hamesha mere Saath hi aisa hota hai”
” Everyone betrays me!”
” Kismat hi kharab hai!”
“Mere se koi pyaar nahi karta!”
Sounds familliar. Yup! That’s all of us at least once a day !!!
I believe words are powerful and what we say and feel is what we eventually attract- something that is widely known as the law of attraction by spiritual teachers!
It says that when we think of a thought, it sets a vibration in the universe and it then attracts things and situations which resonate with the same frequency.
In short, if you are grumpy and keep saying mean things about yourself , you will eventually end up attracting trouble !!
let me explain:
A few months back, I was pretty pissed with life. Betrayed by ‘friends’, let down by people I looked up to, realising that people I valued were actually the ones talking behind my back, being taken for granted, being treated like a doormat Etc etc. I think you get my point 😛
Moving on, while idling away my time on YouTube one day I came across a video on the law of attarction. It made sense. I was thinking about crap, feeling like crap and attracting more crap.
So, I voluntarily made an effort to break the cycle. It wasn’t easy but it was simple. I had to be more compassionate towards myself, had to forgive myself (not others!) , take responsibility and let go. love myself and then just radiate it !!
Now, I am surrounded by nice and kind people. People who make their friends read my work and inspire a 16 year old not to give up on her dream to become a doctor, or a surgery resident from a distant part of India who took the time and effort to let me know that my work reached her/his heart, or a professor who did all the work to find me a fellowship and that one friend who took the time to set up a blog for me ( maybe because he knew I was too lazy to do it myself 😛)

Its funny cause we all actually have these people around us all the time. But we are so pre occupied with our ‘ problems’ that we do not appreciate what we have around us. We do not value the power of a compliment or a kind work or a smile or a tight hug.


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