Be unique in a way like everyone else!

March! The most dreaded month of the year, for parents 😛
In the past 15 days I’ve had many parents drag their kids to me with the complaints of pain in abdomen, lethargy, ” uselessness ! Oh yeah, that is a symptom according to a mom of this 10 year old, ” day dreaming”etc etc.
Oh, mothers of ‘babies’ in freaking KG 2 are ‘stressed’ and they take leave to teach their kids for their exams. I wonder if now they’ve started asking kids, ‘the breed of Mary’s lamb” or the calorie content of the sugar that ‘ Johny ‘ ate !!
“The world is competitive” is what people tell me.
Well, honestly I don’t think so. Is it really? Or do we make it competitive by expecting our younger generation to be unique and different and then ‘pressurise’ them to do the exact same thing that “Sharma ji’s son is doing” (I’m still wondering who this person is. Oh, he’s in for a earful !)
Forcing kids to pursue careers they are least interested in and to top it mentally torturing them to go to “Named” institutes is inappropriate at various levels.
According to the data from MCI, there are 460 colleges teaching MBBS with 63985 seats but everybody wants to die for those 50 at AIIMS! Why because it’s a brand.
No doubt it’s a premiere institute, but seeking admission there , is it worth dying for or spoiling your health for?
Every year kids in 10th and 12th standard commit suicide even before results are declared. They kill themselves in anticipation of a bad result !
The world isn’t competitive, it has a place and job for everyone and ironically in today’s world, you can freaking make a career out of anything. Youtubing is a full time job!!
Why are so many young adults frustrated at work? Because they hate what they do. They din’t pick it cause they were passionate about it. They were forced into it. And now they are just paying bills. Every week they sing the , ‘ thank god, its Saturday song’!
Let me tell you an interesting fact, ‘ The most common day for having a heart attack is Monday!’ and it’s mostly between 4-10 am! Does that ring a bell!
The world isn’t competitive, we make it! By comparing our kids to other kids and stupidly enough to people who are double their age!
Why compare?
I had a professor once who told me that what I write is pure crap! And this other guy write up is way better than me. Well, I just smiled then, cause a) I knew the truth behind this other guy’s write up :p b) I realised that not everyone is mature enough to understand that the only way to praise someone isn’t by making another person feel bad about their existence.
Why is ‘you are good, or amazing or you did a good job’ not enough.
Why does it have to be, ” he is better than you” or ” his work is better than yours”. Why does it have to comparative and superlative all the time.
I remember doing pretty well for myself in school, and strangely enough my parents never told me that I had to come first. They always said study so that you understand and write your exams in the best way you can. This little thought took away the pressure to compete with others. And now it was easy, because now I had control. See, when we compete with others, we somewhere lose control, because for competing a part of our result depends on the other person too. But, when we are aiming to do our best, we assume full control of our result.
I din’t go to AIIMS or AFMC or MAMC or any other big shot abbreviation. I went to Manipal for my MBBS, and it was the best decision of my life. If I ever get a chance to do it over again, I’d chose Manipal over and over again. It had made me who I am. It not only gave a degree but also taught me what being a doctor really means.
While many colleges don’t even have proper classes for their prescribed subjects, we had classes where we were taught what to feel when a patient dies, how to react, how to talk, how to support a grief struck family. It made me the person i am today. And that person ain’t that bad. 😀
I’m not saying these Ivy League colleges are bad or not worth trying for. I’m just saying they are not worth dying for.


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