Like God??

“You are like God to me!”, I always used to think that people considered doctors like God because they saved lives. But, recently I’ve realised its not because of that.
It’s something really evident yet abstract.
Let me explain šŸ™‚
Today, I was scheduled to operate on a hernia on a prisoner. As I was going through his paper work, I happened to read through his permission letter from the Incharge of the jail which mentioned the various IPC acts under which he was punished. Upon decoding the various numbers, I found that he was charged for ‘ illegal and forceful confinement of a minor with forcing of unnatural sexual contact along with threatening with life!’. I just stood there stunned for a moment. Random vague images racing through my head making me want to throw up out of disgust and anger.
I watched as he lay helpless infront of me. Totally on my mercy.
As my hands did what they were trained for; my mind kept blasting me with random thoughts, should I do penectomy too? Should I castrate him? Can I make him bleed to death? How could he! To a child! Then this small voice crept in, maybe he was falsely accused? He’s helpless, he trusted you. Just do your job. You have to look out for him.
As the wardboy moved him from the ot table to shift him to the ward, I asked him, “Why did you do it?”
He just stared at me without saying anything.

I had a couple admitted to my burn unit a few days back. This 24 year old man set his 19 year old wife on fire because the food she cooked wasn’t to his taste! She is 3 months pregnant!
Every time I cross his bed, I want to punch his face and ask him, “Who does this to the person you vowed to protect and who is carrying your baby?”, but all I can ask is, “How are you feeling. Are you eating properly?”

Doctors weren’t considered next to God because they save lives. They were considered next to God because they don’t judge a person. They protect, heal and offer to help irrespective of who the person is and what he has done .
Isn’t it what God does? A murderer/ rapist / terrorist can join his hands in prayer and EXPECT God to help him and protect him.
Think about it, any person who stands by you, helps you or protects you ,despite all your faults and flaws, isn’t that person whom you consider as God or a Guardian angel.
Some can find it in a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, a friend or a spouse; but everyone has that in the form of PARENTS.
Isn’t this why parents are said to be God on earth. They protect us, love us, look after us no matter how badly we screw up. šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚


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