*Hearing vs Listening*

No they are not synonyms.
‘Hearing’ is when a sound wave enters your ear, goes forward and strikes your tympanic membrane to set 3 tiny bones into action to finally generate an action potential ( somewhat like a current) that is comprehended by the brain like sound.
While ‘listening’ is when we consciously comprehend those sounds, understand them , feel them and let them control us.

We don’t have to ‘listen’ to everything we hear, because more than 90% of people do not understand the power of words.
The damage they can cause or the happiness they can create.
Sometimes we might not have a choice and we have to hear what a person infront of us is saying, but we do have a choice in listening to him/her.
When we ‘react’ to someone else’s words we give them the power to influence us, which makes us powerless.
Ever noticed that some people whom you valued once and everything they said created an impact on you. It could make you smile or cry. They affected you. But after a while, after a few episodes of inconsiderate use of words, they stop affecting you. Our mind subconsciously stops ‘listening’ to them. We hear them. But our mind and heart stop comprehending it.
That’s your defence mechanism.
You need to develop that.
Can’t let all the randomly fired words run amok in your mind and create a mess !!


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