The Sponge Effect

Have you ever thought about the fact that the person you are today is an amalgamation of countless people you have ever come across??
Well, nowdays since iv developed a special interest in metacognition, I was wondering that things I say and do, how I react to situations has been the outcome of what I have subconsciously absorbed from people iv come in contact with over the years.
For eg, today I saw a burn patients wife feeding him pomegranate. My instant reaction was a long lecture on how that is a waste of money and how instead of that she should use that money to get eggs, jaggery etc.
As I operated on a hernia today, I involuntarily did an additional step which isn’t in the book.
So sat thinking, where did I get all this into my head.
Well the partial anger on seeing poor patients waste money on buying fruits like pomegranate comes from one of my seniors in college and the additional step, is what my professor used to do.
They never took me by the collar and said you should learn this. But I still did. That’s the sponge effect.
Now you can imagine the amount of garbage and negative thoughts we absorb everyday.
And it does stay in your mind.
One of favourite teachers back in class 10 while we were in Tirupati for a science conference told us how she always checks hotel rooms for hidden cameras and just scanned around. That thing just stuck in my head so bad that even today, almost 12 years later, I find myself jumping on the bed and checking the hotel rooms for hidden cameras. 😛

That’s how the human mind works. Absorbs everything and for some things that we subconsciously deem important forms looped neuronal circuits, thus forming a habit.
So, surround yourself with OQP. Only Quality People.
🙂 there isn’t much RAM left if you stuff in too much garbage in your mind
Makes sense?
Ps: The word metacognition was put in my subconscious by my Boss who was once talking to a group of final years of something. Somehow metacognition stuck.


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