Scapegoat-(Life Beyond the Knife: Encounter-7 )

At 8:00 pm, i get a call from the emergency regarding an incoming casualty.
When i reach i find one already there and 3 more to come.

Patient 1:
22 year old guy, conscious, smelling of alcohol, responding to commands and kinda crying like a baby. I was told that he was in a car with one other person which hit against a tree.
I could kinda sense that he is in pain cause he addressed me as “Didi” 3 times 😛
Well, his vitals were stable but his pupils din’t look so good.
I knew he had an injury to his brain.
While the nurse started the iv line and the other put sutures on his wounds, i went ahead to attend to the second patient who had just arrived.

Patient 2:
70 year old lady, pale. Her body was cold. I couldn’t get a pulse.
No heart sounds. Pupils were fully dilated and fixed.
ECG was a flatline.
As 1 other doctor on duty cross checked. We declared the patient as ” Brought dead”.

I was told that one other person who was with this lady was shunted to another hospital and was declared dead over there.
There was one other patient who was in the car with the guy, he was taken to a private hospital for treatment.

As, i turned my attention to the first patient again, i noticed there were now at least 40-50 people accompanying him, each creating a nuisance in a different kinda way. Some blocking my way, some misbehaving with the sister, some pushing her, others disconnecting the iv, taking pictures !!
Basically they were pissing me off :@
Since, i’m practicing meditation now, i somehow controlled my temper and told the family about the condition of their son and how he needed a urgent CT scan of his brain.

” We want to take him to a private hospital”
“As you wish!! ” i said.
Sister gets a document signed which says, ” Leaving against medical advice. Prognosis has been explained.”

Next morning, i get to know that this guy died 3 hours after leaving my hospital at a private hospital and the people vandalized the hospital and assaulted the doctor there.

I just thought for a moment:
This guy with his friend were drinking and driving. They hit a motorcycle and killed two people and then dashed into a tree. Then this guy dies.
In the end, the doctor gets beaten up…
Funny how things work and how it’s the doctor bearing the brunt for no fault of his/her.


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