It takes a moment to change your life forever -(Life Beyond the Knife: Encounter-5)

Have you ever heard someone say that ‘it takes a moment to change your life forever!’
Well, i saw it today.
A 20 something guy walks into my opd this morning, pretty nicely dressed acting all cool, having his goggles on the back of his neck, total Dabang style.
I asked him what his problem was.
He said, ” Hernia hai mujhe”
After directing him to the exam room, i blurted out to myself, ” ajkal toh sab doctor hain. Pata nahi main 8 saal se apni band kyun bajwa rahi hun padh padhke”
I examined this young man, and directed him to come see me in my room.
I sat him down and asked him how did he know it was a hernia and he told me that some old uncle in his neighborhood had a swelling in the groin and he was diagnosed with a hernia. So he thought he had the same thing.
“Since when do you have it”
“6-7 months!”
“You do not have a hernia. You have a testicular mass, and in all probability its malignant.”
Before i could i say anything his face paled out and i could see tears in his eyes.
That was the first time i actually saw the direct impact of words on someone.
“Its treatable.”
“But im just 25. I haven’t done anything in life yet.”
After i explained the management plan to him and saw him walk away, i realised that it actually does take a moment to change your life forever..

I realized that words can have a huge impact, and sometimes we can see the damage they do and sometimes we cant see the huge amount of pain our words can cause someone.

I realized that internet can never replace a doctor and people shouldn’t lose time self diagnosing and self treating.

I realised that sometimes me as a doctor am the worst nightmare for a person.


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