A little act of kindness- (Life Beyond the Knife: Encounter-4)

Today as on a usual routine evening, I went about with my round. Talking, joking with my patients, chatting with my nursing staff and then sitting at the Nurses station completing my paperwork, talking to patient families, having my usual evening tea with my junior staff and just talking to them about their life.
One of the staff nurses who was with me throughout the round following along the routine, slowly spoke up and asked me a strange question,
” Ma’am what is Osteopetrosis? How is it caused”
I was taken aback as to why was she asking about such a rare inherited bone disorder.
As I explained it to her I saw a weird pain in her eyes.
“Is it something that the mother did wrong during pregnancy to make the baby have it?”
“No ! It’s not the mother’s fault. It’s not anything she did or ate that made the baby have it”
She just smiled and went about doing her work.
“Sister, why did you ask about sucha rare disorder. Do you know anyone who has it?”
” I lost my 2 and a half year old kid to it a month ago!”
“I’m sorry!”
She smiled again and went about caring for the sick.
I sat there wondering, when we meet people we have no idea what their story is. We don’t know what they are going through. We have no idea what pain is hiding in the depths of their heart.
So all we can really do is just be kind to everyone we meet.
A word of kindness , a smile full of warmth and touch of empathy could pacify an aching heart. !!

A little act of kindness could make someone forget their pain atleast for a while. !!!

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