Do it Now,Later becomes Never:Live,Laugh & Love-(Life Beyond the Knife: Encounter-2)

I logged into Facebook after a long time today and the first news feed I see is of a condolence message on the timeline of one of juniors’ from school.
She worked in TCS and was recently sent to London to work. Imagine the happiness of the parents and the girl herself. Finally, setting her wings open to fly.
But, she was hit and run over by a car in London and she succumbed to death on the spot.
Do you feel the pain?
Do you see the uncertainty of life?
The only thing certain about life is its uncertainty.
Quit taking it for granted.
If you want to do something, do it today.
If you love someone or miss someone: tell them now, while they still can hear you.
If there’s someone you want to hug, do it now.
If there’s a song you want to sing: now is the perfect moment.
If there’s a story you want to tell: there is no better moment then now.
Quit taking life for granted !
Cause it will catch you on the blind side one day!
Now is the only thing you have in your hand!!!
Use it well.

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