Once Person Can Make A Difference & Everyone Should Try-(Life Beyond the Knife: Encounter -1)

Working in a district hospital in a relatively remote area gives an entirely different perspective to life and your entire being.
On a random routine day in my opd, this nursing student walks up to me with her report.
I scan through it and ask her ,” Your hemoglobin is 5.5 and you are barely 20 years old!”
Anemia isn’t a surgeon’s forte but since she was comfortable coming to me I started enquiring into the cause.
“Do you bleed alot during your periods?”
“Yes ma’am”
“How many days?”
“How many pads do you change in a day?”
“Ma’am I don’t use sanitary napkins. I use cloth!”
It took me awhile to let that information sink in.
In today’s world, where robots are performing surgeries, Priyanka Chopra is featuring in Baywatch, Indian economy is marching towards creating a global super power; and here was a girl of my country, educated but still backward; not getting the basic amenity any woman and every woman deserves.

I now see a different India. A shadow of my country that no one talks about, that is still bound by shackles of problems people like me think don’t exist anymore.
There are problems around us, but we turn a blind eye to them, maybe because we are so full of I, me and myself that nothing else catches our attention.

Take a small step.
Make a small change around you and it’s brilliantly amazing how many lives we can touch.
You don’t need a knife in your hand to save a life !!! 🙂


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